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Transportation services

G A RENT EOOD performs in-house transportation services within the territories of Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania.

The routes, along which transportation services are executed, are as follows:

The transportation is executed with Opel Movano minibuses with bearing capacity of 1.5 t and volume of 13 m3, chassis cabs Opel Movano with canvas and capacity of 1.5 t and 20 m3.
The vehicles are equipped with GPS system with the option of tracing goods and their delivery in real time.

We are a transportation company with a team of professionals that has set the goal to provide you with the most convenient freight transport; a freight transport organization, the scope of activity of which is express freight transport with minibuses within the territories of Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece, and delivery of goods and materials. Our quick decisions in the field of transportation services have brought a significant number of loyal customers, to whom we are beneficial with honesty and professionalism, which ensure the well-performed work. In our striving for responding to your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible, G A Rent EOOD goes on building a reputation of an adequate partner of companies and natural persons in the field of the express cargo transport and delivery services. The own autopark, the 24-hour services, and the excellent quality of any part of our activity are the factors that urge us on looking for your trust.

The reasons for you to choose us are the following:

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Ivan Smrikarov Logistics responsible person

+359 888 432 057

+359 882 359 882