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Tander Club

The satisfaction of the customers of Tander Corporation EAD is a major priority in the development of the company. Winning and keeping of your loyalty is a privilege, as well as a big responsibility and challenge for us. Your choice and placed trust motivate and make us strive for improving our overall care of you. That is why we have established Tander Club, the goal of which is to show how special our loyal customers are for us.

Membership in Tander Club provides the following preferences:

Conditions for membership in Tander Club (it is enough if you meet one of the three):

Tander Club is our way for us to thank you for being among our customers and for loving the vehicles Opel, Suzuki, or Great Wall!

How to become a member of Tander Club?

In case of interest from your side, please fill in and send the application form below. After review and approval of your application for membership, the team of Tander Corporation will contact you.

You can receive your Tander Club card in the showrooms and service centres in Sofia and Burgas.

Data protection

By submitting your personal data and filling in this form, you voluntarily agree to authorize us to store the personal data provided by you for entirely marketing purposes. Tander Corporation may use the services of third parties for analysis of the data. Tander Corporation guarantees the option for you to send an inquiry regarding the storage and management of your personal data and to request correction or their deletion at the address of the company or via e-mail:, and the parties will inform each other about the nullified data. Please, always provide correct identification data when you send your inquiries. You have the right for rejecting storage of your personal data.