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02 81 83 100

Standart Motors Ltd

Standart Motors Ltd has been established to close the cycle of all services in the vehicle sector offered by Tander Corporation. It sells used vehicles, offers purchasing of your used vehicle, bay-back vehicles are part of the main activity of the company. In this way the company has at its disposal a rich range of used vehicles, new import, as well as returned from leasing ones, which have been maintained at the service stations of the Corporation and are of guaranteed origin. 

Standart Motors Ltd is a company established by people with vision and the ambition to build a business of mutual trust between the customer and trader of used vehicles. Trust and friendly relations with our customers is our major motive in the sales. Vehicles with proven mileage and inspected technical state may be found in our sales locations in Sofia, 8D Byalo pole Str., Druzhba Housing Estate, 99 Tsvetan Lazarov Str., and at the entrance of Burgas.

We purchase vehicles of customers, who would like to replace a used vehicle with a new one from the brands Opel, Suzuki and Great Wall.